The Infinity Mural Logo.

Infinity Mural Shutdown 18/09/2023

It's with a faint heart that we've decided to officially shutdown Infinity Mural. Unfortunately the project failed to generate enough revenue to continue funding it.

We gave this project our heart and souls. It took over 1 year of full-time development from myself and my brother Dom and another year in an attempt to spread the word about the project.

After two years we stopped full-time development and shifted to full-time software contract work with another company we founded called Sanico Software. We continued to self fund the project to remain online but decided after two years to shutdown the server.

I want to personally thank all of the people who contributed to Infinity Mural, everytime I saw a new tile appear my heart elated with joy. Dom and I made Infinity Mural to spread love around the world and even if it failed from a monetary perspective, it succeeded in its mission.

We learnt a lot from building and sharing Infinity Mural with the world, skills and ability that you just can't buy with money, only experience. As with any cloudy and gloomy day, sometimes a streak of sunshine appears from behind the clouds, a new version is currently in development that builds off of Infinity Mural, we look forward to sharing it soon.

In memory of Infinity Mural we left a final screenshot taken on the 18th of September 2023 of the 100+ tiles contributed by people all around the world. Thanks again for sharing the love.

With Love,

Sav and Dom Tripodi